Robert Metcalf is a native speaker who left England in his twenties, first living in France, then moving in 1973 to West-Berlin, as the city was called before German re-unification. As a singer-songwriter he writes and performs for children and and grown-ups (the latter particularly in his show "Englishman in Berlin").

He also offers workshops (for example "Here we go") for teachers and other professionals in the field of early learning, the emphasis being on action songs.

For children Robert occasionally does live performances for children in English, for example as narrator in Prokofiev´s "Peter and the Wolf", or in his own bi-lingual programme "SING mit mir...with me!"  His English-language CDs are also popular with German school children.

The occasional clip is also to be seen on German Television´s "Sendung mit dem Elefanten". Here is one example.